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Why DryDock?

          Who is DRYDOCK?   Weary, heavy-laden ships entering a DRYDOCK have been tossed around in the chaos of the ocean;  the winds, waves and storms have been relentless.  In order to restore their most effective state, they must come to be still.  Only by stripping away the water, can what is occurring under the surface be identified.  The resistance to efficient and effective operation can now be exposed.  Barnacles and seaweed are removed,  rudder and hull damage are repaired.  Our ship is now able to re-emerge, to reach its full potential...healthier, stronger and navigating toward it's true north for which it was created.  

        We believe humans need the same process to Rest, Reflect, Reimagine, Reframe, Recharge and Re-emerge to live our best adventure… FOR GOOD.  

Cargo ship is being renovated in shipyard Gdansk, Poland..jpg

Want to learn more about DryDock and how Tim can help you?

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